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BDA-Applications are invited online for allotment through e-Auction

Posted by onlyspareit on January 8, 2021


Demand for house/residential plots is increasing day by day in the fast growing city of Bhubaneswar. To meet the increasing demand and to fulfil the aspiration of the people who wish to have a house/residential plots in the capital city, BDA is taking a drive to allot developed residential Core House/flats/plots in the prime location at Ananta Vihar Pokhariput, Gadakan, Jayadev Vihar, Kalinga Nagar (K4, K9A & K9B), Chandrasekharpur and Paikarapur to be disposed on ‘As-is-where-is basis’ through e-auction through service provider of BDA.


2.1 The scheme offers total 28 nos. developed house/flats/plots in different locations through e-auction. House/flats/plots of different sizes are as detailed below:
                                                                          List of Assets:

The bidders/participants are free to inspect/visit/ascertain/confirm the core house/flats/plots, its situational advantages attached to the core house/flats/plots etc. at their cost and risk before submission of the bid. Any
objection, if any, after submission of bid concerning core house/flats/Plots shall
not be entertained.


3.1 The applicant must be a citizen of India.

3.2 The applicant must be of 18 years of age as on the last date of submission of the application. In case the applicant is a minor, he/she shall be represented by his/her natural/ legal guardian.

3.3 The applicant must have been registered on-line in the official website of BDA and have obtained Unique Account Number (UAN) after successful registration.

3.4 The applicant or his/her family members is not the owner of any freehold or leasehold dwelling unit or plot of land within the jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar Development Authority.

3.5 For the purpose “Family” means the applicant, applicant’s husband /wife and unmarried children. In case the applicant is un-married, his/her father and mother will come under the family member.

3.6 Any allotment made on the basis of false/fabricated, information and /or suppression of fact(s) shall be cancelled on forfeiture of the total payment of consideration received by BDA and consequential repossession of the allotted core house/flat/plot and/or construction if any made over the core house/flat/plot. In addition , the applicant/allottee shall be liable for criminal prosecution of filing false affidavit(s)information(s).


4.1 The applicant must have a valid Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the Income Tax Department.

4.2 The bidder must have a (DSC) Digital Signature Certificate of Class-III only. Without DSC, bidders will not be able to participate in the auction.

For any difficulty/inconvenience faced by bidder in obtaining UAN and Digital Signature Certificate, a                          help-desk will be operative in B.D.A. during the period from 08/01/2021 to 08/02/2021.

Interested applicants are requested to take early step for obtaining DSC to avoid last minutes rush.

5. SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION/e-Auctioning Schedule:

5.1 The intending/intended applicant/bidder is required to obtain “UAN” (Unique Account Number) which can be generated from BDA website before getting registered for e-auction. (This will be free of cost to applicants).

5.2 The bidders are required to get registered online in the e-auction portal with Class-III digital signature and keep themselves ready for the eauction.

5.3 The registration is valid for one year from the date of registration. Registration charges will be Rs.1180/- (Rupees one thousand one hundred and eighty only) (inclusive G.S.T) and is non–refundable and to be payable through online e-payment mode.

5.4 The applicants who had already registered may renew their registration within time to participate in the e-auction. Registration charge(s) and Auction participation charge(s) are to be borne/ paid through online
payment mode only.

5.5 Auction EMD to be paid through manual/offline mode i.e. through Bank transfer (NEFT/RTGS), challan can be downloaded from the website (attached as annexure A) or by online mode to the account of BDA in ICICI Branch bearing No. 006101057870, IFSC code ICIC0000061. The EMD amount should be credited into BDA account by due date positively.


Bidder needs to upload the scanned payment document during
request of auction participation.

5.6 Apart from this ,the Bidder will have to deposit Fixed amount towards Earnest Money (EMD) of Rs.5,00,000/-(Rupees Five lakhs) only as per the Payment Schedule given in table mentioned at Clause No.7 for participating in the e-Auction. However one applicant can apply for maximum of three (3) assets only. The successful highest bidder will have to deposit the differential amount of EMD calculated on the basis of 10% of the highest bid minus the deposit of EMD made for less EMD as provided in clause 7.2 before issuance of provisional allotment letter. The
successful bidder will have to submit hard copy of documents uploaded along with balance EMD amount.

Example: If the highest bid for any asset is 1.00 crore and the EMD deposited before the Auction is 5.00 lakh then
the highest bidder will have to deposit rest Rs. 5.00 lakh within 10 days of communication regarding his successful highest bid by B.D.A. On receipt of differential amount, the Provisional allotment letter will be issued. If the deposited initial EMD is more than the 10% of the bid amount then, the excess deposited amount shall be adjusted towards his/her balance cost of asset for which he/she has selected.

5.7 The bidder shall also pay non-refundable “e-Bid Participation charge” of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees five thousand) only per each asset in which he/she participated (subject to maximum of three asset) and will be valid only for one e-Auction event of a property for participating in eauction. In case the applicant deposit e-Bid participation charge for more than three (3) asset, then the participation for only three (3) assets having the maximum offset value will be considered. In case all the offset value are similar, then he/she will be allowed to participate in first three assets appeared serially in the list of assets as clause 7.1. The bid participation charge if deposited for more than for three assets shall be forfeited.

5.8 No application for withdrawal of bids will be entertained after 72 hours prior to schedule starting of bid process i.e the applicant can apply for withdrawals of bids by 11.00 A.M. of 07.03.2021 only and not after that. In case the applicant withdraws his/herparticipation in due time, the EMD shall be refunded without any interest after deduction of Rs.10,000/- towards processing fee.

6. MODE OF ALLOTMENT (e-Auction)

6.1 The bidding will be conducted in Indian Rupees (INR) only.

6.2 The bid will trigger off from this price and is the same as offset price + (Plus) one incremental value.

6.3 Incremental value: Incremental Value for this auction is Rs.20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand) only. Minimum Bid
increment shall be available to the Bidders at the start of the auction. The bidder can bid higher than the Highest Bid (H1 Price) at any point of time in the auction by multiples of the minimum Bid increment. The minimum incremental value will be displayed against each property on  the bidding screen of all participating bidders. The software will not
accept any bid other than the multiple of incremental value.

6.4 H1 Price: It is the highest value placed in the bid at any point of time during the auction for the property. It will be visible to all the bidders on the screen and the bidders can bid an amount of “H1 price + (plus) incremental value or in multiples of incremental value” only.

6.5 Auto Auction extension of the Closing time.
(a) Auto Extension: if any bidder submits the bid less than 5 min
prior to Auction closing time, the system will automatically extend
the auction closing time by 10 min.

For Example: If the auction is closing at 17:00 Hrs and if any bidder bids between 16:55 and 17:00 , the auto auction
extension will extend the auction closing time to 17:10 and if any bidder bids between 17:05 and 17:10, it will be extended to 17:20 and so on.
(b) Unlimited Auto auction extension: As indicated above, if the bidder bids within the last 5 minutes of the auction closing time, the Auto Auction extension will continue to extend the Auction time till no bid is received within the last 5 minutes of the auction closing time.

6.6 Auto Bid: The Auto Bid feature allows Bidders to place an Automated Maximum Bid in an auction and bid without having to enter a new amount each time a competing Bidder submits a higher offer. Bidders are supposed to quote their next highest price in confirmation to the incremental value and in multiples of thereof only. There is no restriction on changing of the Auto Max Bid/value. But once Auto Max Bid/value is clicked and freezed, the same cannot be withdrawn at any point of time during the auction period. However, if the auction is cancelled and new auction dates are announced, the earlier Auto Max Bid/value shall have no relevance. After fixing his highest limit, the manual Bid button will be disabled. The system will automatically bid on his behalf, based in the auction’s H1 price. His bidding dashboard will show his Rank, the H1 price and the highest bid ongoing in the auction.
Until his auto-bid amount is not reached (in the H1 price Box) for a particular property in the e-auction, the manual Bid button on his screen will remain disabled. Once his auto bid amount reaches or crosses the Auto Max Bid/value amount, then he will have to bid manually otherwise  the bidder may opt for auto bid again by setting a new maximum bid amount.

6.7 Max multiples of increment value allowed per bid: bidder can quote the next H1 price up to current H1 price + (plus) the maximum allowed multiple of incremental value. For these auction Max Multiples of increment value allowed is 10 Times of the incremental value.
E.g.: Offset price=62,00,000, increment value 20,000, max multiple of increment allowed =10 times i.e. Rs.2,00,000/-
If Current H1 value = 68,00,000 maximum next bid can be = 70,00,000 i.e. 68,00,000 (current H1) +20,000(increment value) x 10(max multiple of increment)

6.8 Successful Bidder: At the end of the Forward Auction, BDA will decide upon the winner based on the highest bid placed for the property under e-Auction and subsequent acceptance of BDA. The decision of “ BDA” will be final &
binding on all the bidders. In the event of one bidder quoting the highest bid for more than one asset and becoming the H1 bidder for two or more assets at the closure of the auction, he will be the successful bidder for only one asset for which he has quoted the higher amount than the other bids. In case of other assets of which the highest bid stood cancelled for the aforementioned reason, the second highest bidder shall be the successful bidder. But however, in case the second highest bidder also become a successful bidder of other asset in the same auction then the third bidder quoting highest value would be the successful bidder. This principle of selection will continue in the manner as aforesaid till all assets are allotted to the successful bidder selected through auction or the bids are
exhausted. However the decision for acceptance of bid in respect of a particular asset will lie with the BDA in the above cases where there is significance difference between the H1 bid value and that of the bid value of selected bidder.

6.9 In case the applicant quoted equal value for more than one asset, shall choose any one of those assets and other bids except his/her choice asset, shall be invalid and inoperative for all purposes.

6.10 Subject to conditions and stipulations in the brochure, it is made clear that no successful bidder shall avail more than one asset put into auction. This process will be followed to ensure that one asset is allotted to one applicant/bidder based on his/her highest bid and multiple allotments will not be made under any circumstances.


7.1 EMD to be deposited from his/her account along with application form as per amount mentioned in the table below.

N:B: EMD includes fixed EMD payable under clause 7.1 and balance EMD to be paid as per calculation specified in clause 7.2 of the Brochure.

7.2. Balance EMD calculated @ 10% of the highest bid to be deposited by the successful bidders within 10 (Ten) days of intimation for consideration of issue  of provisional allotment. The hard copy of the documents uploaded before
auctions are to be submitted along with the balance EMD.

7.3 The balance bidding amount calculated @ 90% of the successful bid will be deposited within 2(two) months of issue of provisional allotment. Extension of time for payment may be extended maximum by 4 months on
payment of 12% interest, on application by the provisional allottee and on approval by Vice-Chairman, BDA. No further extension of time for payment of outstanding dues will be allowed.

7.4 In case, the successful bidder fails to deposit the balance 10% of bidding amount, the amount deposited by him/her towards EMD (fixed) shall be forfeited. In case of default of payment after selection through e-Auction &
before issue of Provisional allotment letter, all the amount deposited by him/her shall be forfeited.

 A person depositing Rs.5.00 lakhs (Rupees Five lakhs) only as Fixed EMD as in clause 7.1 will be allowed to participate in the bidding for maximum of three (03) assets only.

 But for participating in the auction, one has to deposit Rs.5,000/- (Five thousand) only for each selected asset as per his /her application. (Subject to maximum of three assets)


8.1 e-Auction portal Registration: The bidder(s) are required to get registered online in the e-auction portal with Class III Digital signature (refer DSC Manual for details and support) and keep themselves ready for the e-auction.

8.2 Any registered/approved bidder can request for participation in the auction through the e-auction portal for one or more category of assets on or before the date and time of application and by depositing the EMD within last date
and time.

8.3 Online Forward Auction bidding shall commence at 11:00 hr and continue till 17:00 hr on 10.03.2021 with auto extension facility as  per condition 6.5(a) & (b).

8.4 Applicants who have completed the Auction formalities and paid the prescribedcharges and EMD can start bidding in the online forward auction from the Bid Start price (Upset price + one incremental value) onwards only. Hence, the first online bid that comes in the system during the online Forward auction shall be higher than the auction’s Upset Price by one increment or absolute multiples of increment.

8.5 The onwards bidding will have to be higher by one incremental value than the H1 rate as quoted and displayed on screen or higher than the H1 rate/price by multiples of the incremental value.

8.6 Bidders will be able to view the following on their screen along with the
necessary fields in the Forward Auction.

 Opening Bid Start Price & minimum Increment Value.
 Leading (highest) Bid in the e-Auction.
 Bidder himself is H1.

8.7 The bids will be taken as an offer to purchase the property as per terms & conditions of Brochure attached with the Auction. Bids once made by a Bidder, cannot be cancelled / withdrawn by the Bidder and the Bidder shall be bound by the bid quoted, failing which the Earnest Money will be forfeited.

8.8 The Bidder must read the terms and conditions of the e-Auction Brochure very carefully for participating in bidding process.

8.9 BDA reserves rights to cancel the highest bid in any condition whatsoever. The Notice for such cancellation shall be duly notified on the e-Auction portal.

8.10 BDA reserves the right to modify/ amend the terms and conditions and intimate the same prior to commencement of e-Auction or while the auction is in progress.

8.11 BDA reserves the right to postpone the date of auction due to technical issues. In such an event, all the applicants/ bidders will be intimated by e-mail and this will be advertised in the newspapers.

8.12 The highest bidder of each individual unit shall be allotted asset on the basis of their bidding price. An applicant can participate in the auction for any three asset separately, but once he/she is declared the highest bidder only for one core house/flat/plot. He /She will not be eligible for other core house/flat/plot.

8.13 An applicant may apply for maximum three (03) asset. In case the applicant becomes the successful bidder for more than one asset, his/her bid quoting highest value concerning the specific asset shall be treated as final and he/she shall be declared as successful bidder in respect of the said asset only and all other bids of the said applicant shall be invalid and inoperative, irrespective of any value quoted and/or becoming highest bidder for other assets.

8.14 In case as aforesaid,any EMD if any, given/deposited by the applicant except the successful bid shall be refunded as per the brochure terms as if an unsuccessful bidder.


N:B: After uploading of all required document, bidders are requested to pay Auction fee and EMD amount, after that he/she has to click on “GenerateAcknowledgement” & generate / download the auction submission acknowledgement for each line /unit/asset on real time and note down the bid control number for future reference. Without auction submission acknowledgement in schedule time, even if bidder paid their EMD amount/uploads mandatory document, the auction portal can’t recognize the bidder and he/she may not take part in e-bid participation of Auction.


Interested Bidder can avail the training (online and offline) by a request mail/contacting the Auction support team (details are given below) before the start of Auction period of bidding.

Mail id: [email protected]/[email protected]
contact: Manoranjan Sethi, OSD (Commerce),BDA, Mob. 9437519582
Nihar Ranjan Satapathy, BDA, Mob.9777750153
(Time: 10.00 AM to 5.30 PM)
Satamanyu Routray, Mob. 9937140591
Mr.Lokesh, Mob. 09686115304 for training in e-auction.
Mr.Vinay, Mob. 09448224342


Auction manual is available in the Web site. under Manual Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) support:


11.1 In case the bidder withdraws after issue of provisional allotment letter, the EMD amount deposited by him/her will be forfeited and in case the bidder withdraws after selected as H1 bidder, the EMD amount deposited by him/her will be forfeited.

11.2 If an allottee fails to pay the amount due after provisional allotment and within the stipulated period of payment, BDA shall cancel the allotment and forfeited the all deposited amount.

11.3 The EMD amount of all unsuccessful applicants will be refunded to the Account of the applicant by NEFT/RTGS in the account number mentioned in the application form.

11.4 If any applicant once selected as a successful bidder and his candidature is withdrawn or cancelled due to default, he/she shall not be eligible to participate in any further scheme to be launched by BDA in future. Further he/she shall not also be eligible to purchase any asset of BDA by way of 3rd party transfer.


BDA will deliver the possession of the core house/flat/plot on as-is-where-is basis to the allotees within one month from the date of final allotment or as will be intimated after full payment of the highest bid amount, all statutory
dues and taxes.


On payment of the required dues the allottee shall execute the lease deed in the prescribed format available in BDA office and registered the same in the office of the DSR/SR, Bhubaneswar at his/her own cost.


The allottee becomes the owner consequent upon execution of lease-cum-sale deed and taking over possession. He/She shall be entitled to heritable and transferable rights over the allotted property. Transfer of ownership may be
permitted by express/written order of BDA as per the brochure condition and lease terms only after expiry of 05 years from the date of taking over possession of the assets subject to payment of all dues and required Consent
charges and other dues as per existing rules and guidelines and rules to be in force at the time of application for transfer. The BDA reserves the right to refuse such permission for transfer without assigning any reason.


a. The allotment shall be on long term lease basis.
b. The Authority reserves the right to reject any application without
assigning any reason thereof.
c. BDA also reserves the right to alter or modify the lay-out plan, the size and shape of the assets due to exigencies arising out of site condition and other contingencies or due to force majeure.
d. In case the allottee fails to pay the dues in time the allotment shall be liable for cancellation.
e. In case of any dispute or doubt as to the interpretations of any clause or terms of the brochure, the decision of the BDA shall be final and binding on the applicants/allottees.
f. Interest on default payment will be charged @ 12% per annum for no. of days of delay. The deposits will be first apportioned towards the interest and the balance if any to be adjusted towards instalment dues.
g. The responsibility of making payment in time on or before due date will be that of allottees, BDA will not be duty bound to issue any notice for making payments. The allottee will furnish the copy of deposit challans/UTR/receipts in support of payment made towards balance EMD for reference.
h. In case of core house, the allottee shall have to complete the corehouse within three years of taking over physical possession.
i. The allottee has to construct the house over the plot allotted to him/her within five years of final allotment, otherwise BDA will be free to resume the land on forfeiture of total consideration paid to BDA. The construction shall be as per the approved plan by Competent Statutory Authority(s).
j. The allottee shall be responsible for obtaining water supply and/or electricity connection from the concerned Department at his/her own cost and also pay holding tax/ground rent and any other dues to the
concerned authorities.

16. Formation of Society /Association For Apartment Scheme

A) Each allottee shall have to abide by the provisions of Orissa Apartment Owners Act, 1982 and Rules & Regulations framed thereunder from time to time.
B) Each allottee shall to be a member of the Society / Association. Society fee towards corpus fund to be deposited by the allottee as applicable by the Society.


 In case of any disputes relating to the terms and conditions of the bid or any other matter relating to the auction or the allotment, the decisions of BDA shall be final and binding to the bidder/applicant.

 BDA reserves its right to cancel whole or part of the auction process at any stage of the auction and thereafter, alter/modify the auction process and/or defer the date of auction, without assigning any reason and without cost and risk of BDA.


The courts of Bhubaneswar shall have the jurisdiction over all matters for determination of disputes/litigation if arises between the BDA and the bidder/ applicant.


All postal correspondences shall be made to the Secretary, Bhubaneswar Development Authority. Akash Shova Building, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bhubaneswar-751001.

For further information, visit our website: For any assistance on online registration, UAN No. etc. kindly email us on [email protected] or visit helpdesk established in office of BDA.


Source-BDA Notice



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